McHenry High School East Campus Garden Club

The students in the McHenry High School Garden Club, guided by members of the McHenry Garden Club, do seasonal planting in the pair of urns at the steps of the school’s Green Street entrance door.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday plantings are done using supplies brought by McHenry Garden Club members.  The students also participate in other garden activities and outings.


December 2023 – Holiday/Winter Urns

The urns were decorated by the McHenry high School Garden Club students. guided by Garden Club member Mary Conkling.








May 2023 – Spring Urns

The urns were planted with flowers by the McHenry high School Garden Club students. guided by Garden Club member Mary Conkling.  After the urns were finished, the students planted many varieties of seeds in pots.






May 2020 – Spring Urns

Member Laurel Mayer

Due to the COVID-19 virus, McHenry East High School was closed in May 2020 and high school garden club students were not attending class on campus.  So the urns were decorated by Garden Club members.  The theme and decorations were to recognize and honor the essential workers who have continued to serve us all during the virus.

The urns were decorated by members Edyta Greczek, Laurel Mayer and Diane Boedecker.  The decorations used were hand made by many club members.




November 2019 – Holiday/Winter Urns

Garden Club members Jean Schiller, Traudl Koeberlein and Diane Boedecker


September 2019 – Fall Urns

McHenry High School Garden Club Meeting

September 9th, 2019

The meeting was held at the home and garden of MGC member Laurel Meyer.  The students took a tour of Laurel’s garden and picked tomatoes and basil to use to make pizza.  Laurel showed the students how to make it and they made pizza for all who were there.









April 2019 – Spring Urns

Students planted pansies, guided by garden club members Laurel Mayer and Pat Leucht