The McHenry Garden Club’s Garden of the Month Committee selects a McHenry area garden planted and tended by non-professional gardener that is worthy of recognition.

Our winners are awarded a $25 gift certificate good at one of our local landscape markets.





August 2023

Garden of Lora Herne at 2423 Orchard Beach Road, McHenry


July 2023

Garden of Diane Oliver at 1717 North Woodlawn Park, McHenry



September-October 2022

Garden of Jeanette and Robert Letmanski at 509 Mineral Springs Drive, McHenry



August 2022

Garden of Stacy Anderson at 2108 Orchard Beach Road, McHenry

June-July 2022

Garden of Kim Elia at 2915 Scott Street, McHenry


July 2021

Garden of the Snyders at 6000 Tomlinson Drive, McHenry



May-June 2021

Garden of Mary Gaylord at 4914 Shore Drive, McHenry

October 2020

Garden of Melissa and Zach Marchand at 3901 Boone Creek Circle, McHenry

September 2020

Garden of Sue Lopez at 4701 West Lake Shore Drive, McCullom Lake


July-August 2020

Garden of Dale Nelmes at 5905 Tomlinson Drive, McHenry



May-June 2020

Garden of Jamie Harkins at 2613 Indian Trails, McHenry



September-October 2019

Garden of Nancy and Mick Schrod at 2917 Scott Avenue, McHenry

August 2019

Garden of Dawn Testa at 1711 North Leonard Avenue, McHenry

July 2019

Garden of Cecelia and Jesus Ortiz at 1913 Lakewood Avenue, McHenry


May-June 2019

Garden of Laurie and Dave Mihevs at 3912 West Grand Avenue, McHenry


April 2019

Garden of Evie and Kenneth Weber at 5820 Radcliffe Court, McHenry