Library May Day

Under the guidance of McHenry Garden Club member, Joyce Matuszewich, children enrolled in McHenry Library’s program learned how to make May baskets, what flowers attract butterflies, and put together flower pots to take home and plant. Garden club members Chris Metz, Marita Sension, Mary Napolitano, Sharon Boland, and Traudl Koeberlein assisted with the project along with high school volunteers, Isabelle Napolitano and Marissa Tarzian.

Front: Heinz Becker, Michael Metz, Olivia McCafferty, Gina Genualdi, Grace Stanes, and Gloria Mellyn. Back: Chris Metz, Isabelle Napolitano, Marita Sension, Marissa Tarzian, Joyce Matuszewich, Mary Napolitano, Sharon Boland, Traudl Koeberlein

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