Garden Walk 2011

The McHenry Garden Club held its first Garden Walk on Saturday June 25, 2011. Attendees were permitted to enjoy hand selected properties in the surrounding McHenry area, some of whom were past Garden of the Month winners. Our locations featured unique designs of plants, flowers, shrubs and many varieties of trees. We all gained some great ideas from different varieties of flowers, planting arrangements, or just enjoy the beauty of what has been created so tastefully by others. Walkers spoke with the property owners to ask questions or gain further insights on gardening tips from their first-hand experiences.

Petersen Farm was our 6th property. The historic farmstead is under the protection of the McHenry Landmark Commission and the City of McHenry that is being restored as part of the Petersen family heritage and will create a living museum of 19th and 20th century farm life. The Garden Club has begun landscaping the farmhouse with flowers and shrubs that represent the 19th century, and has assisted in planting the farm’s vegetable garden. We had a beautiful day and many positive comments about the gardens and the walk. We have three homeowners that would like their yards in our next garden walk.

Not including all the members who helped to get Peterson Farm looking great we had 18 members helping at the garden walk. The Garden Club took pictures of the beautiful gardens and got to meet with the enthusiastic owners. This was a great experience for our club as sharing gardening is what it’s all about!

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