McHenry High School Garden Club

June, 2016 – Cathy, Jean, Ivan and Judy replanted the urns in front of McHenry High School East in a patriotic mode for the summer.
east july flw 1east july flw 2
barn nursery
April, 2016 – The high school club goes to The Barn Nursery to pick out bushes for the front of their school chaperoned by MGC members.


Thursday Feb. 18th a few of the high school garden clubbers went to Lockers for a tour and demonstration by David.  He showed them how to separate and transplant small plants.  They were fascinated by the fact that you could just cut off spider plant babies and take succulent leaves and just stick them in dirt.  Above is a picture of some of them getting their hands dirty.  Left to right are Caroline Wilm, Morgan Rudd, and Abigail Wilm.  They were allowed to take their transplants home and will use them when they make their own terrariums.  Was a cool visit.

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A Day at Petersen Farm Fall 2015


Ames Tool Presentation

my pick

Through the McHenry Garden Club and the National Garden Club the Ames Tools Co. awarded a complete set of garden tools to the McHenry High School Garden Club for their use.  Ready to work are left to right:  front row – Kaylee Hettermann, Taylor Hettermann, Tara Jacobson, Abbey Sandoz, second row – Morgan Rudd, Ivan Dejesus, Casey Griffin, third row – Keelia Riley, Amy Ducy, JR Bocian (club sponsor), top row – Judy Walter (McHenry Garden Club), Hannah Getty, Taylor Kitto, and Mike Ducy.


McHenry High School Urn Planting

The newly formed McHenry High School Garden Club initiated its
first beautification program by putting together two holiday containers in
front of their school.

Their enthusiasm showed as they created with supplies brought in by the
McHenry Garden Club. The students were guided by Debbie and Roy Hoffmann,
Marita Sension, Jackie Homa, Gloria Mellyn, Priscilla Rutter, Dorothy
Kowalczyk, Cathy Klink, Edyta Greczek and Judy Walter.