August 2016 General Meeting

Hoo’s Here?  Owl program given by Stillman’s Nature Center.IMG_1117 IMG_1118

EASTERN SCREECH-OWL    Wingspan 21 inches; length 8.5 inches. This is the only small eastern owl with ear tufts. The surface of the upper wings is marked with white spots. This owl comes in different colors, ranging from red to gray.




BROAD-WINGED HAWK    Wingspan 34 inches; length 15 inches. It is a short, stocky hawk with distinctive black-and-white tail bands. When seen from below, the wings are white trimmed with black-tipped primaries.




IMG_1122 IMG_1125

LONG-EARED OWL     Wingspan 36-42 inches; length 13-16 inches. Slender medium-sized owl with yellow eyes and prominent ear tufts. Tawny-orange facial disk is marked with a black, broad vertical stripe through each eye. It is the slimmest North American owl.

IMG_1127 IMG_1131

BARN OWL     Wingspan 44 inches; length 16 inches. A slender, long-legged, mid-size owl with no ear tufts. This buff-colored bird has a distinctive heart-shaped face trimmed in tan. When viewed from below, the barn owl looks mostly white and can appear ghostly. Habitat: Widespread

IMG_1136 IMG_1141

 BARRED OWL     Wingspan 38-50 inches; length 16-24 inches. Large, dark-eyed, gray-brown owl with a barred chest and striped belly. Lacks “horns” or feather tufts on its head, unlike the somewhat larger great horned owl.


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